do you ever get angry at people who say “technology is bad” cause you know they don’t need it. 

I think most people don’t think about it this way. When most people go “UGHGUHG, TECHNOLOGY”, they mean technology more for entertainment purposes, like laptops and smart phones.

I mean yeah, gosh, technology is so awful. We should go back to the good old days where we had to salt and spice our meats instead of using these new-fangled refrigerators. Or we should get our fingers mashed in mangles like our great-grandparents did instead of using a drier for our clothes.

Technology is for things greater than entertainment and communication (and entertainment and communication in themselves AREN’T BAD THINGS, but that’s another discussion entirely). One of the coolest things about humanity is our ability to adapt and use tools to better suit us, and the ability to improve on those tools. 

I get really annoyed with people who poo-poo technology and live in this sense of nostalgia just because technology makes things different now and they don’t like it. The majority of we do with technology is for the sake of making processes more efficient and for improving our overall quality of life. We’re “lazy” with certain tasks now because time and technology have rendered them obsolete, and we don’t need them anymore.

You know what they did in the good ol’ days? They amputated your limbs if you had an infection.

my classroom was in a technology exposition where we were shown many ways to improve our homes (they were hella expensive tho so we will never get them cause we’re all poor haha) with things like automatic windows and locks and one of my friends said that “technology is making us lazy” and i turned around and told him “do you know how much this helps disabled people like wOAH their life is way easier like this imagine” and he just said “oh. oh you’re right.”

so yeah idk i feel like it’s helping us and we should be grateful for it…. 



Omg chill

this is some airbending shit right here



i had to get blood drawn this morning and it made me feel woozy because i hadn’t been able to eat since early last night.
so, this morning i had a breakfast burrito and coffee after everything and now feel great
i can see sighs being the begging type when it comes to food.. but don’t feel to bad for her because she wouldn’t share either. Neither one of them are food-share friendly 

Markiplier - OFF



Artist: Katarzyna Babis (Poland)

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ParaNorman is so important and deserves far more recognition. 

I think a lot of Tumblr could learn a thing or two from this movie.

they literally killed her it’s kinda understandable that she’s mad

the point of this fight wasn’t ‘forgive them because hating people for hurting you is bad,’ norman made it very clear the people who killed her fucked up and were stupid people. The point was that Aggie’s hate had transformed her from a little girl into a monster. She needed to forgive them not for their sake, but so that she could move on and be happy again.

This movie truly was amazing.




ash you fucking idiot

favourite fucking line

Did u read it in his voice tho cuz i did.
Low quality and everything
That teenage scratchy boy sound and everything